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Nicest areas to live in Edinburgh?

Hi there,

I'll be relocating to Edinburgh this summer from Germany. Can anyone tell me what areas are the safest, where to avoid? I have a child that will be going to school in EH4, so would like to live as close to there as possible. I'll be looking for a 2 bed flat (unfurnished, but furnished if can't find unfurnished), and can pay up to £700 per month (£725, but that's stretching it!) Does this sound realistic? I know the UK is more expensive than Germany, but...

Also, what sort of times do I need to find a flat and what is the average time after looking to actually get the keys to move in? I'll be there for a week in July to look at flats, and can hopefully move in by first week of August.

Thanks for any advice or suggestions ;)

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