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Paul Zimmerer

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"Before I moved to Cairo I contacted some local members on InterNations. They gave me some great assistance."

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"Cairo is a bustling metropolis. Through InterNations I met some other expat women. Now we meet on a weekly basis."

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The InterNations Expats Forum for Egypt welcomes you!

Ahlan wa sahlan, and welcome to the InterNations Egypt expats forum! Whether you’re an expat newbie or veteran in Cairo, or one of the many Egyptian expat centers like Alexandria, you’ll certainly have many questions about life as an expat. Simply join our InterNations community in Egypt to easily have all of the information that you may need about relocation at the tips of your fingers. Whether you’re looking for work permit requirements or visa documents at the Egyptian embassy, finding a place to live in Hurghada, or are interested in visiting a few major Egyptian landmarks, like the pyramids at Gizeh – who can better help you than your fellow expats? Through the expat forums for Egypt, you can easily be connected with other expats.

Latest Posts in Egypt Expat Forum

 Egypt Expat Q&A

Re: deposit

Hi Dina, Thank you so much for the response, i was also wondering if you know if they would deposi...

Re: US to Alexandria shipping/moving company

They are specialised in moving & relocation. They work with most of the embassies in Egypt. http...

Hair dresser for Ladies at and around Zamalek

If you think twise before going to some Hair dresser afraid of the Idea of feeling like Pulling off...

 Egypt Town Talk

Re: Guitar lessons needed!

Hey GHAITH :) Check your inbox !!

Re: looking for tools

thanks a lot , i have found all i need. thanks thanks thanks

Re: Looking for friends

Good Evening Larissa and Welcome.

 Egypt Expat Housing

Re: seeking female flat mate in Helioplis

ok i am i have call me 01153208414

Re: For Sale Villa Aswan

Hello Nanette de ville Can you please send all your details to T...

Re: Looking for an apartment

Send me all what u look for by mail

 Egypt Expat Jobs

Re: Real Bearded Santa

yes the salary is 10'000 the school is located in Mansoura .

Re: Engineer - Water

Thank you Akram :-)

Re: Arabic teacher required for private lessons

Hi You can Call ny friend Heba Rady at 01110504586, professional teacher

 Egypt Expat Marketplace

Re: Swiss cottage night at BCA- MAADI

Hi Hana i am really very interesting about the swiss Cottage in BCA. Can i call you please to arra...

Opportunities in Asian market

Dear All, Opportunity Guide is a consulting company based in Shanghai. Our company provides a w...

Website, Software , Mobile Apps, Graphics Design

We are offering low price with good quality Website, Software , Mobile Apps, Graphics Design servic...

Expats help one another in the Egypt Expat Forums

Our private network was created to give expats in Egypt a place to exchange tips, and find answers to expat questions such as, ʺDoes the Cairo Community Association offer free Arabic lessons?ʺ or ʺDo expat women also wear headscarves in public?ʺ. Expat life in Egypt is at the very heart of our community - from kushari to Eid ul-Adha in Egypt - and the InterNations members taking part in the expat forum Egypt have a place to connect with other expats and international minds to receive dependable and relevant advice. With the InterNations expat forum for Egypt, you can always find a fellow expat to help simplify your assignment overseas.

The Expat Forum Egypt helps you find your Answer: From Arabic lessons to female dress code

When you need further information on expat issues like education and children in Cairo or travel and accommodation in Alexandria, you should take a look at our Egypt Expat Guide, which is just another helpful resource that we offer in addition to the expat forums. Furthermore, you can discuss international topics in our World Forum, such as challenges for expat spouses, intercultural and interracial relationships and various areas of interest for an expat. Of course, for help on all issues concerning the local expat life - from Arabic lessons to female dress code – take advantage of the InterNations Egypt expat forums.

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