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safety car (Eindhoven)

Hi all,

Just a head up. I had my first big internations event past Friday which I enjoyed so I am happy I went. Downside of the night was that my car, parked in the parking garage at stadhuisplein was broken into when I found it. However for some mysterious reason nothing was stolen (had gps and laptop and much more things in trunk since I was on my way to Belgium to stay there a few days).

When I got to carglass, they said I was the 5th that night. Apparently some kids have electronic device detectors which help them to discover invisible valuable devices in cars. They must have been seen by some people in the garage after smashing my window I am guessing. So thank god I had nothing stolen.
But just take it into account when parking your car in Eindhoven, maybe best to put it a bit further from the center...


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