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Moving to Erbil

Hello Everyone!

We are about to move to Erbil with husband and 5-year old son. So far, we've lived in 3 totally different countries, including one in Central Asia.
I've already learnt some basic facts about Kurdistan, but there were some confusing information on living in Erbil, so would highly appreciate if you could give us an advice about:
- housing (which villages you'd recommend, need a fully furnished, well equipped house, which real estate agent to go to),
- the kindergartens (are there two, how do kids adopt?)
- social life for women and moms with children (is any of you a member of the WINE, where do you go out with children, except playgrounds?)
- grocery, shopping (are there available organic products as well?)
- gym/yoga classes
- cultural life (theather, cinema...).

Thank you for the help!


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