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Behance Dribbble NRW Event *FREE* May 22nd! (Essen)

On Friday May 22nd is the next Behance NRW Event in Düsseldorf... but this time we combined with Dribbble!

This is a free event for artists, professional creatives and art lovers! Connect, Network, Share & Inspire! If you live in NRW feel free to join us!

Register for FREE via Facebook or Xing....
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**This is a FREE event for artists, creatives and art lovers living in the NRW area. We do not charge an admission to the event, however we do ask for donations at the door. Your help allows to continue to host events where creatives can come together to connect, network, share and inspire.

Information about Behance Dribbble NRW Events can be found here via the following link. We are in the process of building a full site with original content…
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Media coverage by Fernsehen Düsseldorf from our last event.
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Friday May 22nd, Protected content
7pm Protected content
Gewächshaus Düsseldorf (in Oberbilk)
Mindener Strasse 30
Protected content | Gewächshaus Düsseldorf
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Since Protected content have been hosting events for creatives in the NRW area. We have featured over 30 speakers! We hope to continue to do so during Protected content !

We are the premier community for artists, creatives and art lovers living in NRW with over Protected content in our Facebook Group and growing! Feel free to share links to your work in our group.
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Kia Sue - Artist exploring the creative world of paper cutting artistry.
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Florence Heyer - Special FX Makeup Artist and Costume Designer will be doing a live transformation at the event!
** Protected content

Dusty Steampott - Steampunk costume designer and Steampunk photographer workshop organizer.
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Lukas Höh, Till Beutling and Daniel Dormann - Visual artistic wizards producing vivid imagery.
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What makes Behance unique is that after the speakers present their work we have an Open Casual Forum. This means all those who attend can bring their work and get feedback. This has been quite successful, because the feedback is coming from artists from various creative fields. You do not have to participate... you can observe this and give feedback. But showing your work is great practice for when you do meet new clients or potential employers!

At our November event we featured three artists as graphic recorders. During the event they illustrated what they saw and heard in their own style. After the presentations we brought them forward to share their work and talk about their portfolios! This was great... we hope to do this again! We are looking for people to participate at this event.

1.) Can Başdoğan
** Protected content

2.) Nitika Kapoor Malik
** Link not available.

3.) Dachma Gosejacob
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Also feel free to bring cameras or take pictures at the event. With events taking place world wide feel free to share your photos with us and via social media. Let's show the world how awesome our events are in NRW.
Check out these hashtags to see pictures from events around the world.
#Behance #BehanceReviews #BehanceReview #BeDDorf #BeNRW #DribbbleNRW

Photos from events taking place around the world.
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**Drinks and beverages will be sold at this event. We do encourage responsible drinking and do not take assume liability.

**AGAIN THIS EVENT IS FREE! We do not earn any money from this event, nor are we funded by Adobe or Behance. However, the donations do help us continue to grow and test out new ideas.

**We are also always looking for new speakers to share their work at future events. Contact Kenneth Shinabery via Facebook if interested.

**Additionally we are looking for sponsors. As our community grows we want to begin offering workshops, seminars, and host gallery shows.

**And we are on the look out for new team members to help us promote and plan events. Again if interested contact Kenneth Shinabery.

I have a big surprise.... or as one would say in German... an ÜBERRASCHUNG!

I will be giving out up to 20 Dribbble Invites at the Behance Dribbble NRW Event!

1.) Email your portfolio link to Protected content
2.) Set up a page on
3.) Register to attend the Behance Dribbble NRW Event on Facebook or Xing!
4.) You must be present at the event to win!

Advanced Photoshop Magazine will be sending me issues and possibly vouchers to give out at the event to lucky attendees!

More updates to come!!!!

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