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Dortmund (Essen)

Hi all; I am currently living in a quiet village in Slovakia but have been offered a much better paying jon in Dortmund.
What is the area like? REALLY?
I love it where I am but just can't live on the salary; the house and fields / woods nearby are perfect for my two dogs who love it. We'd need the same or at least a good park VERY close by.
Moving again soon after our last move would be a huge upheaval for them again, but if the area is nice we could do it and settle. What are the attitudes to dogs in the area? How much is a small house outside the city to rent, and how easy is it to get in to the city by car?
Has anyone heard of 'INTERLINGUA language school? Good or bad, from students' or teachers' point of view? Any good / bad stories?
Living costs in the area?
Please leave an email address in your message as I'm limited for messages at the moment! Can't afford to upgrade!
PLEASE help, I'd have to move VERY soon if I come!

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