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Summary China 2010 (Essen)

Which personal impressions of the China travel remain, since I am here again in everyday life? Spontaneously, I prefer Shanghai Beijing.
Shanghai is lively, noisy, sometimes flashy and annoying, but to me closer and domestic.
Beijing seemed much more serious, I felt strange. Perhaps it was due to the short of time that was to us but in Beijing I could follow me worse than in Shanghai. Although has ensured there since the Olympic Games Protected content pinyin or English was identified, but the size was simply overwhelming. And I felt much more clearly than in Shanghai the predominance of the military in the capital.

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In Shanghai I felt by the warm sea climate very at home. The underground railway was quickly familiar to us, even if the rush to rush hour for us was unusual. Despite the many people, everything went quiet and relaxed.
The metropolis had prepared themselves for the EXPO. Everything seemed modern and exciting.
Remember, the German Pavilion at EXPO is me. The great curiosity and joy of visitors and the successful presentation of Germany touched me deeply inside. The Chinese pavilion rose red over the area and showed impressive many facets of the Chinese cantons.
In Beijing, the magnificent ancient sites such as the Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven impressed me with its atmosphere and its colours. Great.

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What we saw from the industry was a small percentage of the fast-growing economy involving German firms. Impressive, but not surprising. China is building up. It must also because it is not a cheap wage country. As the clock is ticking. I felt that.
The language is closer not me despite preparation. I was busy with other impressions.
Overall of the beautiful impression of a very peaceful, friendly people who open and critical have taken their future in the hand remains in me.

Prof. Dr.- Ing. Annette Kunow
库 安 蕾 博士教授

The China tour with 18 students was carried out by the HS Bochum. That was 12 day trip by HS Bochum and many German companies and instituts financially supported.
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