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10 more Business Etiquette : Introduction (3) (Florence)

We are resuming the tips for Business Etiquette of Introductions
- Remove your gloves when shaking hands
- Keep a distance when shaking hands still show respect and appreciation by moving forward from the place you were standing at
- Take off your sunglasses if outdoors
- Keep eye contact while the introduction process, with the person who is introducing and the one you are getting introduced to.
- You can introduce one person to a group , by mentioning her/ his title and name and encourage the group to start introducing themselves to the person
- If not being able to remember the name of the person to be introduced , ask directly if you couldn’t able to have an assistance, showing real respect and sincere apologies.
- You can introduce yourself if you didn’t find a third party to make the introduction, start with the phrase” May I introduce my self ..or I am xxx “ it is much better after you have an eye contact with this person.
- In a work party where spouses are invited, it is important to more in our Professional Networking Activity Group , and check our latest event.. Protected content

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