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Hi..all..I'm looking for work in Italy. (Florence)

Hi..I'm looking for work in Italy. i was been in Italy many time and love so much culture, food, wine, travel, ART..and love a lot of thing in Italy..
just said what i like sound like stupid but really from my heart that all true. Right now i'm work my own Director property real estate in Thailand. buy sell house, condominium, land... but my plan i will sale my house hear everything and going to work and live in Italy where the place i fall in love. so HOW i can? or go there before sale my house here if i can find work.. normally i speak English and Thai. Italian a little bit not enough but will lean. i finish University have Bachelor's Degree about Business Management and Marketing. anyway experience work more than in school. I interesting any kind of work but no Massage, No Prostitute will never do in my life. possible some one have some work to suggest to me. Thank you so much.

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