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Meditation group from September (Florence)

Hi Everyone!

The meditation group will resume again from September onward due to holidays.

Please contact me privately if you are interested in attending to mitigate any organisational issues. Dates and locations will be shared then.

But, here is some info on the group, but please contact me at: Protected content of you have questions or want to attend and I will provide you with the information.

Meditation group in Firenze

This group will teach the science of meditation – as per Patanjali - using simple Kriya meditation practice as well as Laya yoga methods to developed concentrative power and meditative ability.

This will lead into a deeper cultivation of soul awareness and fusion of soul and personality via Atma Surya meditation and an ability to connect and share soul to soul via Atma Prema meditation.

Additionally the practice of Violet Diamond tantra will be taught. This is taught as a non-sexual, meditative practice which does not require a partner, but can also be used with a partner. A spiritual tantra which transforms the cause of stress into the non-dual ecstasy of the soul.

All 3 of these meditations will unfold a diverse but synthetic transpersonal psychology which can be used to cultivate more loving relationships as well as more joyful lifestyle in general.

Areas of application are:

• Ability to concentrate and meditate with authenitc skill.

• Resolution of the causes of conflict and generation of love awareness
in relationships.

• Resoultion of the causes and symptons of stress and cultivation of joy.

• Awareness of the soul and life purpose and ability to blend soul
and personality together.

• Healing of the innerchild and subconsciousness.

• How to establish a culture of humane education and true peace.

Both the beginner and advanced practioner will gain new techniques and experiences which have very practical effects on the quality of ones life.

For more information on the course content see:
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Feel free to make contact if you have questions or to register attendance:
email: Protected content
contact: Protected content

or follow the link to my site at:
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if you want further detial.

Hope to see you there!



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