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Professional Attire for Men Guide (Florence)

As from time to time we would be invited for some of the events that would require us to be dressed professionally, here we are listing a
Step By Step Guide for The Professional Attire for Men

We are judged by how we look and our appearance we have to admit this; This is critical when you are heading to a business meeting , an interview and even it affects dating.

I have faced through my life many situations that supports this, I understand this belief that a person of what s/he does not of what s/he looks like- but this is no way to be counted in the business life, especially when you are seeking better opportunities , people who already established their names are free to do whatever they want- they already created their personal brand and communication

Small tips I provide here for the attire of men, who aim to be perceived as professionals:

One main rule: avoid fashion and go classic when business attire
Choose dark colors : Navy blue, Black, dark grey ( charcoal) no browns or light colors
Choose quality fabrics
Avoid trousers with cuffs – of you are not tall- as it shortens the leg length.
Shirts :
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