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Professional Guide To Dining Etiquette (1) (Florence)

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This is a quick guide for Dining Manners that all of us need to master in business meals; this is a very strong point that add to our Personal Brand, those manners are not only about knowing the place of the salad fork , or how you eat the bread and butter; dining etiquette is resembling how you would handle work and life situations; as Bill Gates used to do when recruiting his staff, as the final stage , he invites them to a meal , and monitor how they would handle tough situations: meat is not well -done for example, will the candidate inform the waiter ? and in what way? will he simply leave it? or manage to eat ? in addition to that, some companies have the table manners as a stage for some the job interviewing - especially those who would require direct contact with clients.

The guide is covering :how you are dealing with your host, how you respect those with you in the table, the topics to discuss, the way you are seated, all of this affect our image and the company we are presenting; the way we are addressing the waiters, tell a lot about our dealings with colleagues/ co workers.

If you are the invitee; here's what you should do just before having the Business Meal:

- Your coat /hat is to be put at the entrance of the place, normally there’s a designated place for it, if there's no place you can sit, untie / unbutton the coat and remove the arms and put the coat to the back of the seat; don't put your things on other's seats.

- In big professional dinning events, with many tables, the host /his assistants / the ushers will guide to your table, and there would be a name tag on the table, follow this and don’t sit in another seat or another table- phrases like :I would like to sit with my friends- I don't know anyone here- this is too far from the stage ..are not for professionals..Professional dining events are made on purpose, respect this and respect the rules set by the host.

- Take the seat just in front of your name tag ( if there's).

- Most of the big professional dinning events , the menu is put in front of the dishes , this ......Read More in the Professional Networking Group
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