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Should we get worried about"The Internet of Things (Florence)

Internet of Things Revolution

Maybe you haven’t hear this name or maybe not. It doesn’t matter.
The coming of the era of smart objects will change the life of all us. Forever.
Forget the way you interact with physical objects. It will change.
Will the interconnection between digital and real world bring us effective advantages?
How will we face the changement?

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I Have read some about this subject and it is generating lots of question how far we would be able to control our privacy? will movies like Matrix will be real ? is it applied now, or still a lot of time so we can see it in real life? who will be controlling what? this Internet of Things, will it be for all fields? are we going to be replaced? replaced by what , when and why?
The above should be discussed and answered by our speaker Stefano Panichi in the coming Internation's Professional Networking, bring your business cards and a your questions , this time it will be Thursday 4 June, at 18:00 pm , after the event we will be having a nice aperitivo at Todo Modo book store..register for the event here Protected content
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About The Speaker : Stefano Panichi
Creative electronic designer, maker, visionary, futurist and innovator. I fell in love with technologies since I was a child. I like to imagine the future and to achieve it. I'm working for a smarter, interactive, personalized and customized world that satisfy individual needs.

Founder of Toscana High-Tech Linkedin Group
Member of Florence Google Developers Group
Member of FabLab Cascina
Speaker at Better Embedded Conference – Florence
Member and speaker of Startup Saturday Europe
Secretary of the Florence Toastmasters International Club
Councilor of the Linux User Group Golem – Empoli
One of the Protected content of MakerFaire Rome
Exhibitor at Internet Festival – Pisa
Exhibitor at Fiera dell’Elettronica – Empoli
Activity Group Consul at Florence Internations

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