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Sponsors wanted for Peace Education Project (Florence)

Hi Everyone,

I am posting here in the forum to bring the attention of potential sponsors in the Firenze area, who might be interested in supporting a peace education project.

Like many of us who live in privileged locations such as this beautiful and peaceful city, it is easy to forget that others are not so fortunate.

Not a million miles away, as you are no doubt aware, wars rage and many people are suffering profoundly.

For the last, almost 3 decades, I have been developing a system of 'causal' conflict resolution -peace education- and causal stress-management in order to teach the transformation of the causes of these two central areas of human affairs.

I am currently living in Firenze and would be happy to meet and talk with anyone who would like to know more about the system of peace education I have developed and what our current project proposals involve and hope to achieve. This in a non-profit venture seeking support for the purpose of the project.

More information is also available at: Protected content

If you have checked my other post in the forum you may notice I am holding a weekly meditation class with my new friend Rachel Franco. In this class we do cover practices which relate to peace education as well as personal development. Every one who has an interest is welcome to attend, just send me a message and I will provide the details.

If you are not interested in either this work or acting as a sponsor of the peace education project, we would appreciate your forwarding the request to anyone you might know with a potential interest.

Thanks for your time and best wishes,


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