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50%+ No Shows . . . (Frankfurt)

. . . And why we (at least I am) as moderators are most happy with that.

Yesterday some attended a really high-class PRO event with Graham P. Rogers.

Prior to the event, when there were still 59 registered (an all time high) I sent out a reminder asking everybody to take themselves off the list until Saturday evening 22:00 in case they couldn't make it.

15 cancelled in time. I expected that. Now I thought . . . fine, the remaining 44 . . . will come. More or less.

21/44 showed up. One at least had the decency to send me a message on Sunday morning that they felt sick.

So why am I still happy with that ?

Let me answer you with a statement from one participant of yesterday's event . . .

Participant: "Andreas, you know, there's been a couple of events in the past months I would really have loved to attend but they were full so I couldn't. And then I attended the last 'Mafia' event and was really looking forward to meet 6 new friends I met through InterNations and wanted to have a nice chat. BUT they didn't show up although they were registered."

Me: Erm . . . do you still call them friends ? How do you feel about it ?

Participant: "Hmh, good question, I am really thinking about that. In the end they're not longer reliable."

You can see now why I am happy ? Not yet ?

Let me give you another statement from some event way back from a group moderator who had organized and paid for an event.

Moderator: "See Andreas, 3 people for whom I also had paid, didn't show up nor did they reply in any way to my mail asking kindly for some explanation."

Me: "So what you're gonna do about that ?"

Moderator: "Dunno."

Can you now see why I am happy with the no-shows ? Not yet ? Ok, let me give you another example . . .

One really disastrous no-show-rate from my 2nd event last September left me with some notable amounts to cover drinks and room. You know, 10 or 20 Euro may not be much for 1 or 2 no-shows. BUT if that sums up to Protected content . . .

Following that I crafted a receivable letter for the no-shows. With some really nice re-actions that finally partly covered costs.

But WHAT an effort . . . well worth. Because of the offenders who either refused payment with most (strike)ridiculous(/strike) funny explanations or those . . . simply ignoring my mail.

And I know I am not alone with that as moderator.

The success:

Most of the offenders never registered for future events. Which is good.
Most of the offenders create an image about themselves and become known for it inside the community for it. Without the need to name or shame them. Word-of-mouth . . . you know . . .

So in the end we'll have events with more and more people attending who really appreciate the events, the incredible effort of the moderators and all that.

In the spirit of InterNations and its high membership level. So I applaud to InterNations and the forthcoming changes when there'll be more Albatross member focused activities on this site. Oh, did I mention ? Yesterday were 18/21 Albatross members :-)

And don't get me wrong . . . I am not a saint and have been no-show on rare occasions as well. Guess what I did after ?

How do you deal as registered No-Show after the event any why ?
What would you expect organizers to handle no-shows ?
How do you feel about no-shows ?

Praise over. To you. Have your say . . .

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