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Advice on Ruthless Landlords (Frankfurt)

Dear expats,

I' need advice / suggestions on a ruthless landlord. FOOLISHLY I did not do much research on renting in Germany and have found out the hard way. I have also heard a few horror stories from the tenants of this building who have all moved out due to the landlord and their unfair actions.

I did not take photos upon moving in. I am paying for the kitchen privately (which might I add is also wat overpriced due to my lack of research). The land owners are Turkish and complain about everything, from the noise right down to their nosey interruptions. I'm scared that when I move out I will lose my kaution which is EUR2500.00.

I have been staying here for 4mths already. Please can someone offer advice on how I can ensure I get my deposit back it was my savings from South Africa and don't want to lose it. I will need it again when I move to my next apartment.

best regards

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