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Apartment needed! Long term - city centre (FraHbf) (Frankfurt)

Dear Expats :)

I´m looking for an apartment with 2 rooms (1 bedroom/1 living room) with modern standars and close to Frankfurt Hbf train station. It will be a long term rental from 29th of August.
I need to travel daily to Darmstadt Hbf, existing a fast train (16min) from that station every morning ; finding living close to Frankfurt Hbf the most suitable option.

However I can consider other locations following your advices and local wisdom ;)

I will appreciatte photos of the properties, so we could set up a visit during upcoming days and decide.

The budget I´m considering is around 1.000€ with all expenses inclusive, always flexible. For instance some of the empty flats located in Madrider Straße num. 1 would be matching my needs.I do also consider the area of Westhafen.

I will appreciatte all the details regarding extra payments if exist.

Awaiting your kindly answer! :)

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