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Best Choice: Frankfurt, Heidelberg or Wießbaden?


Hi people,

I have a bitter-sweet story. I was married to a Dresden girl, 14 yrs total, 7 in Seattle, 7 years in Dresden. We divorced right as I was laid off from AMD in Protected content ..

I found another good job in last minute before my Arbeitslosigkeits-1 ran out. Then lived here for 2 years in an appartment in the happening part of Dresden called Neustadt in a WG with 2 girls.. (no more WGs please) dating, working, and finding new singles-friends.

I take the train every day from Dresden to Meißen to work (Meißner Porzelan) and it is easy becase the station is 2 minutes from my apt. and the walk to work at the endstation is also only a minute.
I have a 10 yr old son with my Ex so I must stay in Germany.. These past 8 yrs I have invested heavily in friendships that will last a lifetime. Awesome people. I am even in a band here..

As a friend and I were emptying the basement of the house my wife and I had built yesterday, my Ex took me aside and surprised me with the wonderful news that she has decided to move in with her new boyfriend in Heidelberg and take my son with her..

I work as Programmer-Archit. / Manufacturing optimization and LOVE it. They love me. : Protected content am an electrical Engineer by degree and used to work for Boeing but specialized in Software and am now a profi programmer and software designer in C#, PLSQL, visual basic, Java etc. Have done 'big stuff' for Beoing, AMD-Infineon and Meißner).

So here I come. I am leaving these Sachsens. They have their charm, kind of, especially in the sauna.. but a bit too DDR still and sound quite, well.. geistig geblieben when they speak. ;P

The age group of people that I am accostomed to hanging with range from Protected content . 3/4 of my friends are german 1/4 US, all spontaneous and subject to change.. This may help in telling me where to look for a place. My spoken german is at about 90% with a good accent. I have invested some energy in learning grammar and culture etc. to be able to contribute more and fit in here in Germany.

I am very sad to leave my legacy here but also a bit exited for the new prospects in a more cosmpopolitan non-homogeneous setting, and a new dating pool would be nice. Was starting to get slim on the internet..

Would appreciate some tips on:
1) some sort of strategy on where to find an apartment in a cool and fun area of Frankfurt (or Heidelberg or wiesbaden) based on what I have mentioned.
2) where to look for work in my field
3) which websites are good for dating

Someone told me that south western Frankfurt will get me 40 minutes away from Heidelberg where my Ex and Boy will be, but is this an appropriate area of Frankfurt etc.?

Thank you very much for your help.

John H.

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