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Blackberry Z10 with Vodafone contract available (Frankfurt)

I am looking for someone to purchase my ex girlfriend's white Blackberry Z10 phone with Vodafone contract. She is leaving for a new position in Barcelona and unfortunately, we could not cancel the phone since it is still new and she is still within EU area. However, I was told the contract can be transferable to another person.

We purchased the phone in May Protected content a 2 year contract, so it is still brand new. It comes with everything, including the box, plastic protector, and a charger.

It is currently under my contract and the monthly service fee is 43 Euros(Vodafone Red Family M plan). However, if we have a separate contract, which I prefer after going through such a mess, it is expected to be about 60+Euros with tax included, so please keep that in mind.

If you are in the market for a new phone and would not mind taking the phone off my hand, I will help you with filling out all the necessary papers and also chip in on any Anschlusspreis and Sonstiges if required. The contract still has about 20 months left.

I need to get rid of this phone ASAP since I may leave Germany next year, so even if you are not interested, if you know someone from work or a friend who might be interested, please let them know.

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