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Deregistration (Frankfurt)


I'll leave this nice country next week, and as I know I have to deregister within a week. (I am fully legal, EU citizen, registered, paid taxes, social insurances etc. I would like to keep that neat and simple as well.)

My problem is, that seemingly deregistration probably will take up Protected content , and I do not have that time (no more holidays to take), I am at work from Protected content , lunchbreak is just not enough (I had to deregister at the Offenbach authorities).

I checked Protected content services, but well, call me greedy, but I am not ready to pay an amount around Protected content for this act.

My questions aimed at local (kind Germans :-) ), and for the community with this experience:

1. Can I deregister by mail (snail-mail)? I fill out the deregistration form, send it through a post office (nicely fit into a lunchtime), with a tracked and registered delivery.

2. Are there services somewhere below a Protected content to do this? I would feel that amount more reasonable for an act where somebody goes to an authority office with probably more than one document and takes care of this business. (links or e-mails would be welcome)

3. What happens if I ... well, don't care. :-) I can live anywhere within the EU as an EU citizen...

Thanks a lot,

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