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Easy recipes for singles with poor cooking skills (Frankfurt)


It is my hope that this thread collects PROVEN easy to make food recipes.
One thing about Hessen area is that there is no short of quality ingredients for Your food. I have found it pleasing to be able to produce food in minutes with great taste and nutrient value.

And here is the first recipe:
Chicken liver with spaghetti and salad.

From the shop:
- Protected content fresh chicken liver
- Protected content pack of some italian spaghetti
- Protected content of tomatoes
- one bunch of radish
- one pack of "Feldsalat"
- olive oil
- peanut oil for frying the liver
- applewine vinegar
- fish sauce (not mandatory)

Tools needed:
- Fry pan
- kettle 3 liters (for spaghetti)
- bowl for the salad
- sharp knife

Making it:
Slice the tomatoes and radishes. Do NOT peel the radishes just wash them thoroughly. Wash the Feldsalat.
Put tomato slices, radish and riven feldsalat into the bowl. Pour half desiliter of olive oil on top of the salat followed with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. If You like You can add one teespoon of fish sauce too. Mix well and put into fridge.

Fill kettle with 2 liters of water (enough to cook the spaghetti). Add 4 tablespoons of salt. The cooking water must be as salty as the mediterranean sea (old italian saying). Put the kettle on. Add spaghetti when water boils.

Slice the liver pieces samewhat smaller pieces. Put peanut oil and the live into frying pan. Please note that it is really easy to burn the liver so keep your eye on it. Add chili, pepper, salt and perhaps fish sauce to Your taste. Do NOT add salt - You can add this in the table if needed. Fry until done.

When spaghetti is done get rid of the excess water with strainer or similar. Do NOT rinse. Add olive oil to keep the spaghetti loose.

There You are - very tasteful dinner in 30 minutes :)

Cannot add images ... darn ... so here is the "evidence":
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