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English stammtisch (meeting up for a beer)....? (Frankfurt)


Long time listener first time caller..!

As my (German) wife normally goes to a regular stammtisch every month or so (I know I spoil her), I was wondering if any of the Frankfurt (Native English speaking) members do this on a regular basis as I would love to join...? I'm looking for people with a sense of humour and don't take themselves too serious (please note, I’m not looking for clowns or circus performers here). I have interests in doing most sports (mainly cycling at the moment), watching Football (EPL), Science and IT (geek stuff) and happy to shoot the breeze about anything. (This feels like I'm on a dating web site) Anyway, I have cleared my calendar for the next few years (shakes etch a sketch), so I await the avalanche of responses with thousands of offers of companionship (beer drinking and the telling of jokes and stories etc).

Thanks for your time...! (does this sound too desperate...?)


I’ll assume by your lack of response that all your internet connections are down.

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