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WARNING to all expats in Frankfurt area, there are some unscrupulous financial advisers joining expat networks under false pretenses and cold calling members and their contacts from their facebook/internations profiles. They are selling useless and unattractive financial plans which have costly hidden expenses. What they are doing is illegal and should be reported to the authorities (BUNDESNETZAGENTUR), as they are NOT qualified or licensed under German law to sell the financial and insurance products they offer. They are liable for 50, Protected content Euro fine if caught red handed. So, please take their name, email, company name and telephone number and report them as they prey on the expat community and our private events which is disgraceful. The world would be a better place without these awful companies. The advisers work on a no basic salary/commission only deal, so the motive to sell the client the most suitable package is absent, as the adviser only offers what the best commission is for him. So let us band together and stop them getting new clients! I am now going to make this a life long campaign in Frankfurt as they were dishonest to me and now is the time to give them some of their own medicine!

(late edit) Also, if their company name is not on this government agency list, then are not licensed to sell the insurance they sell :

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