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GBBS Sourcing Meditation course & Schnupper Tage (Frankfurt)


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Montag 13.02 Darmstadt
GBBS Sourcing Meditation practice ...

at sajani yoga. darmstadt
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Course for Beginners

■Sensory Emotional Sound Awareness
■Borders, Grounding and Flow
■Relaxation, Atention, Intention, Affirmation, Integration

The inmediate benefits of this basic stage of the GBBS meditation practice are:

■Increasing ability of entering a state of relaxed atention and joyful emotional flow.
■Self-confidence, focus and clarity, emotional clearing.
■Harmony and union of male and female inner principles and qualities.
■Recognition of own natural capacity to enter in a self-regenerative state.
■Self-awareness, emotional-body-mind self awareness
■Doing and living from the heart
■Self-care through self awareness of own borders, grounding and flow in the daily life circumstances

The courses will be offered in DEUTSCH and English.

Frankfurt Forum