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German (Frankfurt)


I wanted to enroll in a super intensive German course no during my vacations, but Goethe institute seems full booked and with Inlingua have not a great experience must admit.

I am looking for a retired German teacher who can meet me during nearly three weeks and apart of teaching me some grammar, takes me to daily life situations, as shopping, doctor, bank, ...

I have been almost three years in Frankfurt and due to the fact of working in English in an international environment, plus having foreign friends, I have not been successful in such important issue to feel adapted, so there my goal, if anyone can help, give recommendations or send me contacts, I will be very please.

From where I come from (Basque region in Spain) when you face this problem, you go to a village for as many weeks as you can and stay with a family who does not know your mother tongue, so Spanish and most of the people get good results, do you know anything similar in Germany or a family willing to?

Thanks in advance,

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