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Hello from Griesheim =) (Frankfurt)


Hi everyone,

I am not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in, but here goes anyway. Moderators, please move as necessary and advise the newbie of where it should have gone =)

The short story: accepted an amazing job opportunity presented by a sister-company I worked for in the USA, as of October 1st I've been living and working in Germany. I'm slowly settling in, figuring things out one by one. It's a tricky game, but I'm a clever lad. I'll happily describe the situation in more detail, just ask.

So what else can I add without going into excessive is Andy, 31 years old, single/no kids, just a regular American guy who likes far too many things to list here. Experiencing new things, meeting new people, good company and taking on a challenge are a few of the more valid ones for this post, I suppose.

So anyway, hello again, hope to talk to y'all in the near future.

Wir koennen auch auf Deutsch sprechen, das ist ok. Ich suche Deutsch die ganzen Tag waerend arbeit zu sprechen, aber Ich habe ganz viel noch zu lernen, weil eventuell muss Ich flussig Deutsch sprechen. Ok, shoenen feier Abend, tchuss!

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