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How open is your InterNations profile for (ab)use? (Frankfurt)

I've set my Privacy settings Protected content 'My Network' on . . . Only Me . . . to protect:

#1 - Me
#2 - My Network

Reason is unsolicited approaches by entities with professional (hidden) agendas directed at and specialized for . . . ExPats. YOU.

The clever ones connect from top down and thus give the impression 'they're certainly good guys'. No, they are not necessary as I found out way back.

A guy. New member. Albatross. Connected. Not much in their profile. No employer or such. Hiding. Pretending being interested. And pushing no end . . .

Note: InterNations is NOT a business network and should not be mistaken as such. Though you CAN do business here on a very decent level if you know the drill. One of the best descriptions in a profile I've come across recently which expresses the spirit of IN best is . . .

Looking for: friendship, contacts, Fun people to be around with. I am not necesarily looking for business contacts (I use Xing for that!). I feel more like looking to meet nice people, who, like me, work and live in the Frankfurt area and are Expats, or like to be with Expats.

Make an educated guess whose profile I'm talking about . . . (Leading by example . . . hint, hint . . . )

Have a nice week-end and check your settings.

Thoughts ?

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