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I'm giving away everything I own (Frankfurt)

I'm leaving my job, I'm leaving Frankfurt, I'm leaving Germany, I'm leaving Europe because with great risk comes great probability of liquidation. And it seems the stock markets are still pretty dried up. Even for a 24 year old yuppie.

I will unfortunately have to again walk the Earth like Caine in Kungfu. Walk from place to place, meet people, get in adventures. I understand that some of you may think that there's already a name for a person like this. Yes it's called a bum.

Anyways, I'm going to give away everything that is in my apt. And I have a lot of cool stuff. All I ask is the following:

1. You actually use it and you don't sell it (that'd be pretty low)
2. You pick it up the day I ask you to and don't leave a mess in my neighborhood (even though I'll never see this place again I wanna leave it how it was given to me)

So, I have a bed, mattress, table, huge mirrors, stools made of banana leaves, coffee tables, dressers, mini fridge, microwave, and even tons more of super cool stuff, half of which I haven't even used yet.

If your interested just shoot me an email: luke.l.han(at)gmail(dot)com


PS. I will most likely be canned from my job around the beginning of summer so that's when you'll get my stuff.

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