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Is not this mail ridiculous? Please Vote (Frankfurt)

Dear Frankfurt community, today this mail below at the bottom was in my inbox

I find this mail ridiculous! Sorry but this mail is too much!!, is this an adults network for intellectual people who are expatriates? or is a closed club where we are treated like children?

First of all, the person behind sending this mail, should take in account who was in the guest list, NOT ME, who did attend the Brunch? NOT ME, who is a basic member? NOT ME

So, please first a bit of community spirit for all of us, basic or albatross and second whoever is behind this, please put more attention who do you address, last but not least, this entire thing sounds to me for people under age, :)

Have a nice day and share your thoughts if you are not terrified about what 'The consequences of the freedom to speech within internations' (is a joke)


>Dear Group Members,
>It has come to our attention that several of you brought unregistered guests to the latest Activity. While we understand your desire to include your friends, and we are even glad to have you help spread the word, we would like to remind you that InterNations Activities are for Albatross Members only. There is one exception: Basic Members have the option of using their free trials to attend Activities before deciding to become Albatross Members.
>Out of both respect for InterNations and your fellow members, we kindly ask that you encourage others to sign up for Activities if they would like to attend.
>Best wishes,
>Your InterNations Quality Assurance Team

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