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Jobs @ Holosustainability Network (Frankfurt)


Jobs @ Holosustainability Network

Are you looking for a new Job?
Do you wish for an holistic and sustainable way of living?

Then, work for elements management companies!

* We care for your holistic personal development.
* support your consciousness shift
* apply nature principles and care for nature
* cocreate with our teams an holistic and sustainable way of living
* apply human heart based technology, oneness and awareness
* welcome your creative, innovative and natural potential
* celebrate your multidiscplinary skills beside dimploms
* provide you a complete new education in multidimensional holistic sustainability management.


To complete a team of three new start ups, and to empower a team of two companies with 3 years of experience in the german and international (online) market we need:

Business managers Protected content
Marketing Protected content
Sales Protected content
IT Apps developers (apple apps), animatores and grafic designers (9)
Languages teachers (English, German, Chinese Protected content
Body art models (3)
Gender professionals (2)

Conditions and details of the jobs positions will be announced here soon, or sent to you under request.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Protected content
Protected content

from 15.02.2012
Only by email PLEASE

More information about the EM COmpanies Know How
Protected content

We are dedicated to the creation of holosustainable organizations and businesses. We provide support to holentrepreneuers and Holosustainable Communities, by the transfer of know how and abilities for the application of elements management: Human Heart Based Technology.

Elements Management (E.M.) Know How, an holistic multidisciplinary system of nature-intelligent and multidimensional-sistemic tools, methods, skills, principles, perception models, designed to enhance organization and individuals performance directed to empower and embody a collective and individual consciousness shift.

Elements Management Know How applies nature principles, organic life models, human natural self development capacity, multidimensional collective awareness and oneness, in order to enhance the sustainability of human colaboration processes in an organic and co-creative way.

■Elements Management Companies and the EMHS Network, are daugther companies of: Maldonado Fonken Luis Daniel UG (Haftungsbeschränkt).
■Owner/CEO: Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.
■TaxNr. Protected content
■Commerce Register HRB Protected content Darmstadt
■Darmstädter strasse 45, Protected content

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