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Looking for a job in the Frankfurt area

Hi everyone!

I am Swedish and currently living in Stockholm. Im planning on moving to Frankfurt/Wiesbaden in the end of August and are now looking for a job.
For the last few years I have been working at a Real Estate Agency and also as a Real Estate Agent. On the side, via the internet, Im finishing my bachelor in art.
My university studies before that were directed towards a career as a real estate agent including courses in law, sales/marketing, finance and architecture.
Besides Swedish I speak English fluently and right now I am studying German on a regular basis. I will attend a crash course in Germany this summer and will continue with classes in the autumn.

I am a motivated and driven individual with the ability of easily “getting along” with people from various paths of life. In my spare time I enjoy sports, cooking and seeing friends and family. I have also worked as a volunteer at a summer camp for mentally disabled children and enjoyed helping less fortunate.

I would be very happy if anyone had any good ideas or tips for me!

Best regards

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