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Looking for a jod since January 2015 (Frankfurt)

Hi everybody,
My name is Marco.
In the last 2 years I have been going and coming between Rome and Frankfurt, hoping to find a Job in Frankfurt before leaving the actual job in Rome, but no success! I guess not speaking german didn't help...
Since January Protected content would like move in Germany and start a langiage school but at the same time I will be needing a job to afford that.
I guess i have a difficult profile a bit out of market... I am a computer science engineer, but stopped working in that domain more that 10 years ago now, having worked in the family business in furniture design domain.
I speak italian english, french and spanish. I can make myself undertandable in serbian and am basic with german.
I have a diplome in Fine arts, wine tasting, and bartender...and I worked in hospitality for many years having travelled a bit around.
I am open to all possibilities of work and i will be inthe Frankfurt area until November the 4th in case of any possible interview.
If anybody hear something, please let me know. Thanks.

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