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Looking for an English speaking job (Frankfurt)

Hello all,

Can anyone recommend any English speaking companies/institutions in Mainz, Wiesbaden or Frankfurt which may have jobs available to non-German speakers? English is my only language at the moment as I’ve recently arrived in Mainz but I have started learning German.

My recent work experience is in academic (mainly medical) research centre management and project management and I’ve worked at Imperial College London and the London School of Economics. I’ve covered high level administrative tasks such as HR, finance, staff management, report writing, grant writing, marketing, data management, website development, writing for academic websites and organising events such as conferences, workshops and meetings.
I can pretty much cover any low/high level administrative role or project management role in any type of company- I’m looking for something different and for a challenge! I’m living in Mainz and free to start immediately.

Any advice or if you could tell me of any jobs available would be greatly appreciated 

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