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looking for business partners (Frankfurt)

Dear members! We are looking for business partners.
I'm working with a multi billion dollar company, operating in 54 counties, that offers financial freedom on a very large scale. I'm going to the very top of this great opportunity and taking all of my team with me. I'm looking for 15 new people to join my team who want to be free in life.
Anyone interested in hearing more contact me via private message.
We offer a business opportunity and we are looking for active young people who think differently, who see the world differently, people who are positive, honest, humble and respect their commitments, leaders, in the driving seat of their lives, who don’t make excuses and nothing will stop them from attaining their goals.
Our company was recently featured on the Discovery Channel for our breakthrough science with DNA and slowing the aging process. The consistent work with the leading Universities in U.S. (Stanford University Medical Center, Purdue U., The University of California) and around the world has made us a world leader in the Wellness/Anti-Aging industry. We are looking for people who want to be a part of this International Project and are interested in working in the most demanded industry nowadays.

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