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No-Show-Rate at InterNations Events ? (Frankfurt)

Is there a dramatic increase of the no-show-rate recently ? What's reason ?

By accident I stumbled upon a comment which resonated very well with me, quote:

"Honestly, 27 people on the guest list, where have you all been? I guess you all are professionals who have to manage appointments and meetings in their jobs and know how to cancel and communicate if you can't attend. Is it that you just don't care on Internations?"

End of quote. Source: Protected content

So I'm asking preferably the group consuls . . . what's your experience in Protected content to Protected content ?

On a side note . . . there's been some fundamental changes on the IT side recently. So for one of my recent events I . . . d i d . . . n o t . . . receive the usual notification:

"Guest list closed for Activity BlahBlahBlah . . . "

Could it be that registered attendees also don't get reminders any more in the way they used to ? Bug ? Purpose ?

What's your impression ? Thoughts ?

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