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NO-SHOWS of attendees at events (Frankfurt)

Dear InterNations Members,

During my last wine event of Saturday the 5th of May (Wine Fair) only 4 persons out of 18 registered attendees appeared. During the wine tasting on the 28 April 5 people out of 23 didn´t appear.
This is very disappointing for a moderator: we all put much effort in offering special acivities and finding out special events for you, trying to enrich the InterNations-Community with many different events !!

I would like to invite you to reflect for a minute about the efforts of every moderator in planning and organizing events & activities for you. There is a lot of work behind and sometimes costs which have to be compensated if registered attendees are not going to appear or paying in advance.
At the end of the day, this is a negative signal and may turn negative for you, as well as to risk the future quality of events.

So, please, be so kind and respectful and don´t sign to events you are not going to attend !!! If something happens and you are not able to join, please, just cancel the attendance: it´s only one click !! not really complicated....

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation !

Best regards,


Frankfurt Forum