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Online jewellery store - income opportunity (Frankfurt)

Hello my fellow expats living in Germany!

Are you settling in? How is Germany treating you? Did you manage to find out all useful tips? I have one for you, especially for those who are currently looking to supplement their incomes and for those outgoing, ready to make new friends.

Have your heard about Pippa & Jean, the jewellery online store? Take a look here: Protected content
Don’t worry if it’s in German. In the near future it will also be available in English. There is also a Facebook page addressed to English speakers living in Germany Protected content

In brief, Pippa & Jean offers the opportunity to create your own jewellery business. Buying the franchise (for only Protected content it’s like becoming an owner. And each time you get an order from your own store you make money. Once you register for the franchise, you get a box full of jewellery for you to use for style parties you could give in order to promote your business and also you will be enjoying extraordinary discounts any time, from at least 25% up to 75%. Also, after you get the franchise, you will also have lots of present vouchers to give your friends and relatives. And above all, the shippings for customers are made directly by the company. You don't get involved in this.

Think about it! Pippa & Jean is one of the most popular jewellery online stored in Germany with headquarters is in Frankfurt. There’s nothing to keeping you from becoming a jewellery shop owner ☺

If you questions, if you want to meet and talk more about this, give me a sign!

All the best to you,

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