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Organizers do a good job ... help (Frankfurt)


Hi all

I am not an organizer of events but admire the time and effort the numerous people put into making wonderful events here in Frankfurt. It seems however lots of people sign up for events and the organizer tell the owner of a bar/hotel a number who will turn up on the night, but then only 50% show up ! This happened tonight 28 Nov !

What that says to me if I was the organizer is -

IDO (I dont care about you)

MTIMITY (My time is more important than yours)

FFAI ( Fxxt forget about it)

Given that all here would never be so disrespectful to say those word to another member it is odd their actions are saying those very words !

I am not a virgin in this orgy of disrespect to organizers but I do feel bad if I do not cancel as soon as I know I cannot make the event I said I would attend.

Like you I have a smart mobile telephone always near. It takes one minute. The organizer can then advise the host hotel and everything is better. Disappointment is replaced by harmony.

So you fellow guys/galls like me who sign up, if you are not going to make it … cancel early !

I can think of lots of good reason !

1. Just started the Great Gatsby and want to know the end ( spoiler alert .. he gets shot )
2. Broke my finger nail and I am in shock
3. Ex boy/girl friend just turned up and we need sex now

All valid and good … just cancel … it helps

Luv ya


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