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Pfeffelbach to FFM for nightlife? (Frankfurt)

Hello, all!
I will be staying in Pfeffelbach from 18Jan. for about a month, maximum. After doing some research online, it seems that this little town, while quaint and lovely, does not offer much of a social life--and I did not find ANY expat groups or English-language social events of any kind. In fact, when I looked at the official city website, it was amazingly (sadly) sparse. They must not want tourists because they make it look like the most boring place on earth. LOL. (No offense, it is lovely, just not "happening".)
So, FFM is the closest "real" city that I know of. Do you know any others closer to Pfeffelbach?
In any case, I will definitely be visiting FFM, so I hope to meet you all soon!

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