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Real Estate | Finance | Research (Frankfurt)

Hello dear Internation-member,

As a doctoral researcher (PhD) I am part of a large EU-funded research project and I study the linkages between real estate and finance in Germany. Doing so, I hope to find people who would like to share their professional experience/knowledge with me. I hope to get in touch with inspiring people in:

-real estate (from portfolio to asset management, brokers to project developers);

-banking and finance (from traders/investors to analysts, regulators and policy; makers)

-investment funding (people who work for funds or Aktiengesellschaften);

Do you know people who might be interested? People I could contact? Or are you working yourself in this field and willing to share your thoughts on the subject? It would really help me.

I like to invite you (or your friend/contact) for a nice lunch or coffee break!


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