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Time of the Season . . . (Frankfurt)

It's that time of the season again, the night of long knives, shorter days, people getting lonely and all that me thinks.

I notice that across networks in general right now when people post more out of (personal) frustration rather than getting on and ignore what maybe came to their attention but is not directed at them.

People with false perceptions about their role in society, networks and becoming clear that parts of their life have been smoke and mirrors. But also people (see the recent Brussels example) with hidden agendas and false claims.

And when both and even more factors mix . . . it can easily become a volcano ready to burst out.

Normally with sunny clear skies and a day out at the beach or swimming pool they'd say . . . 'I can't be bothered' . . . but not so in November eg. in Frankfurt/area.

Then they tend to let steam off and ignore the 24-hour-sleep-over-it rule that would put things into perspective.

So please whenever you stumble upon something that irritates you assume good intent first. As much as the former team maybe missed I personally am so pleased eg. with the new team of Ambassadors in Frankfurt and their efforts that clearly show that they have fun organizing and party.

But beyond that sort issues in the most charming way possible like the recent comment from Laura here Protected content shows ("language violation").

So let me ask you . . . where's your focus ? And before you ask me . . . mine is clearly on heart-opening and warming aspects and I'm looking forward to a crackin' 2nd BIG monthly gathering. Have you registered already ? Protected content

Dolce Vita in Frankfurt am Meer . . . hehehe . . . onwards and upwards.

Your thoughts ?

Oh, and yes . . . and here's for the Zombies . . . Protected content

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