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Vodafone is driving me crazy! Someone help! (Frankfurt)

I have a major issue with Vodafone DSL right now. They have withdrawn over a Protected content within a month for UMTS service that I did not use. I went to Vodafone in front of Zeil and been speaking with this Turkish gentleman for weeks, who sent an email to their customer support, sent that copy along with the copy of the bill via FAX and I received a call from them and they told me they will pay back the money. It's been over 3 weeks and I have yet to receive my money back. And tonight, I found out they withdrew over Protected content in total on two separate occasions!! I have not received any bill from them about these transactions!!

I am beyond angry at this point and would require someone who is fluent in German to help me get through this mess. Because of this, I have suffered greatly from stress, which has affected me mentally and physically. I need someone who I can meet me in Frankfurt and go together. I am flexible to go at anytime morning or evening before they close at 20:00.

I can pay small stipend for your support or I can buy you dinner. I need help. Period.

Thank you and Regards,

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