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Where to shop for a bed/frame? (Frankfurt)


Hi everyone,

Strange question, I know, but I've begun my quest for furniture now that I'm moving into a real apartment, and I need a bed. Two local stores (in Weiterstadt) today of course wanted to sell me their 4,000euro bed sets, but for that price I could ship what I want from the states and probably still save money. Can anyone offer advice on the following:

1) What brands are considered decent- to high-quality beds in Germany?

2) What price can be expected for said decent- to high-quality bed here? I know and understand that a good bed isn't cheap, but 4,000euro seems way over the top.

3) Are there places to pick up said mattress/box spring that don't also come with a Protected content waiting period?

Thanks everyone. Sorry about the weird question, but asking these questions to store salesmen feels about as productive as asking a salesmen at a Mercedes dealer what he thinks of a BMW.

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