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Why do people connect on Internations? (Frankfurt)

It has definitely happened to many of you, members of the Internations, to be twinkled, contacted, requested to connect with people from other cities or even countries. This is actually great, it is why we all are here (I suppose), because Internations is about "connecting global minds". There are individuals, however, who connect with you and a ton of other people and then they are silent as a mouse. What is the outcome expected from such an enterprise? I have been wondering, are these people so eager to have a long list of contacts in their network? Is it a competition (!) that promises big prizes for whoever connects with the most of people? Are they lonely, desperate, curious, or trying to be sociable? The same phenomenon is found in other social networks, but this practice tends to stay mostly with the teenagers, which is certainly not the case on Internations. Anyway, if one tries to start a conversation, the replies are dull and short and ultimately nonexistent. Why do some people connect on Internations?

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