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Xin nian hao ! Gong xi fa cai (Frankfurt)

Xin nian hao ! Gong xi fa cai - Welcome to the year of the Golden Hare !

Don't clean today otherwise you'll wipe the good luck out.

Don't take your medicine today otherwise you'll have lots of healthy issues.

Don't see the doctor - only if you have an emergency.

Do buy tangerines (juzi) because the Cantonese pronunciation guup means also . . . luck :-)

So buy lots of tangerines :-)

Buy flowers today and your life will be in full flower and blooming. Rich and honoured (hua kai fu gui). Preferred flowers . . . peach blossom and tangerine tree. The bigger the better. Put (empty) red packages on the tangerine tree :-)

And . . . if you had bad luck in the past . . . buy one of these (how you you call them ?) . . . Protected content . . . Because . . . with the right winds it can easily change direction :-)

Why much of the above is Cantonese ? Well, they're more traditional . . . :-)

Oh, and yes . . . don't forget to give a red package to your children (something about Protected content or so) :-)

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