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Living in Frankfurt

Living in Frankfurt can be an amazing experience for expats. Germany’s business hub is a multicultural city hosting people of approximately 180 nationalities. Our guide to life in Frankfurt offers you insights into culture, healthcare, transportation, and more.
Living in Frankfurt is not the same without a cool glass of apple wine.
  • With around 180 different nationalities in Frankfurt, you are sure to find someone who shares your culture and language.
  • Health insurance in Germany is obligatory, meaning you will have to be insured to be allowed to work in Frankfurt.
  • Although the city is well-linked by motorways, it is not advisable to drive in the city center itself.
  • There is, however, a very good public transport network at your disposal.
  • Expat parents can choose from many different international schools in the city.

Frankfurt: A Multicultural Town

Life in Frankfurt is not just characterized by the city’s skyline and its role as a commercial center, but also by the multiculturalism of its society. Just under 30% of the roughly 730,000 strong population is considered to be foreign, coming from approximately 180 different countries around the world. Frankfurt offers expats a lot of amenities, too. For instance, you don’t have to drive far for consular services: Frankfurt is home to around 60 consulates.

Although this sounds like living in Frankfurt means living in just another metropolis, the city remains a cozy small town in many ways, often referring to itself as the “smallest metropolis in the world”. Frankfurt’s neighborhood surrounding the central train station, for example, sees people of all nationalities calling it their home. Here you can hear people speaking Turkish, Italian, Chinese, English, and, of course, German in the streets. Other neighborhoods have the charm of German villages and small towns with their characteristic timber-framed houses.

It’s Leisure Time

On beautiful days, the shores of the river Main seem to be the unofficial meeting place in Frankfurt. Whether you enjoy cycling, walking, or even skating, the riverside is a nice place to spend the day. On Saturdays, various areas along the shore are occupied by flea market booths, and you may even find a bar or restaurant near the water’s edge.

The museums located on both shores of the river Main are another fine way to spend some of your time in this city. Among the impressive buildings designed by Richard Meier and Oswald Mathias Unger, you will find museums dedicate to film, architecture, and modern art among other things.

Our expat guide to Germany has more on Culture, Shopping and Recreation, with plenty of information on leisure and cultural activities. 

Apple Wine: A Tradition to Get Used To

Your life at the river Main is not complete if you haven’t enjoyed a cool glass of apple wine on a balmy summer’s eve. Granted, many expats living in Frankfurt who try this traditional beverage, also called “Eppelwoi” or “Äppler”, for the first time hardly enjoy it. Most of them expect the sweet taste of cider. Unfortunately, good-quality apple wine is rather sour and contains no added sugar. But even if your first taste of Frankfurt’s signature drink does not go as planned, you should not hesitate to give it a second try.

In summer, most people enjoy a refreshing glass of apple wine mixed with water or lemon soda. In winter, it is often served steaming hot with cinnamon and sugar. Frankfurters often claim that it is also a perfect cure for any cold. Apple wine is traditionally served in a bluish grey ceramic jar or the characteristic glass with its diamond pattern.


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