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Is this enough money? (Freetown)

I hate putting money out on the table for everyone to see...but there's no other choice since there is so little information on SL for expats on line.

I have been offered a job at an international school and they have offered me $20,000 USD a year, plus $500 housing (a month) and $100 utilities (a month).

They are giving me a $1,200 moving allowance and paying $2,000 for my plane ticket to get there.

Now, I have a husband (who will try to find a job once he gets hard is that btw), 3 yr old son (whose education will be free) and 2 dogs.

Someone please tell me if this is enough or if there is NO way we can make it. The money is less than what we make now in Cairo, Egypt...but the change of pace and clean air is appealing to us. I have been offered a job in Beijing but I don't think I'm ready to leave Africa right yet....

Please someone give me advice.

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