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moving with 1 year old baby to Makeni (Freetown)

I know there is a post from Constance who was asking about moving to Freetown with an infant. We are a bit in the same situation.
We are offered 2 positions in Makeni and this is very interesting. however, our baby would be 1 year (or a bit less) at the time of moving. We are now living in rural Ethiopia and all is fine. a lot of people told me it is challenging but possible then:
- you need to ensure good housing for prevention: mosquitoes net, genset, water. Is that easily available in Makeni and at which price?
- you need to find good caretaker (I don't know if there is any kindergarden and if so, accepting small children)
- we have good evac system and apparently the hospital is quite good in Makeni (also we have a good pharmacy!)
Anybody in the same situation knowing about makein or even living there?
Success stories? Horror stories?
thanks a lot


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