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Research in Freetown

Hi There

I am hoping you can please put me in contact with people that may help me with my thesis, in June/July this year:

I am an Honours students from South Africa. I am interested in upward socio-economic mobility and am looking for a group of young people (probably men) in Freetown/outskirts of Freetown.

I want to analyse a their chances of gaining upward socio-economic mobility, which would entail spending 3/4 weeks with them to study: what the hindrances are to gaining upward mobility, the strategies people use to gain upward mobility, and the wider (national) structures that put them in the current socio-economic situation.

I would like to know if you have any ideas on people I could research or relevant people I could make contact with. I have been told that Cole Farm is a good place to start.

I understand that speaking English may be a problem with people that are not highly educated, is there a way around this without having to hire an interpreter?

I would appreciate your input!

Thank you

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