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Herdermer Hock, July 8 - 11 (Freiburg)

Having lived in Herdern for 2 years, I always went to this fun and lively event and I highly recommend it to all! It takes place on a cozy square in front of Herdern Kirche, always has live music, excellent Flammkuchen, a variety of wines and beers. You can sit by the pretty small river Glasbach, meet the friendly locals and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Herdern.
A tip: to shake off all the calories from that delicious Flammkuchen, follow the river up the hill, until you reach the hill where Panorama Hotel stands (takes about 10 min). There are benches and there you can enjoy a beautiful and tranquil sunset view over Freiburg. Or you can go to the Hotel restaurant/bar and enjoy from the terrace an even better view. And then you can go back down for some more fun at the Herdermer Hock! :)

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